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Science Café Columbia

group of people sitting in restaurant listening to speaker
Bond LSC Director Emeritus Jack Schultz speaks to an audience at Broadway Brewery for Science Café Columbia. The event allows the community to listen and interact with scientists the second Monday of every month at 6 p.m. during the regular academic year.

When and Where

Monthly, Mondays at 6 p.m.
Broadway Brewery

Fall 2017 Schedule

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017

Steven Keller
Steven Keller
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director, Missouri Scholars Academy

The 15 Biggest Ideas In Science…in an hour
This talk will be a “Greatest Hits” of science over the last several centuries; from evolution to the big bang theory, from relativity to the atomic model.  Most scientists would agree on most of this list, but it’s a great starting place for a discussion of the interconnectedness of science and science literacy in general.


Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Steven Goldschmidt
Steven Goldschmidt
Assistant Chair
Department of Mathematics

Tyler Hoffmann
Discovery Research Fellow
Department of Mathematics

Cryptocurrencies: Valuation, Volatility and Hedging
A cryptocurrency is a digital store of value and medium of exchange.  In contrast to government “fiat” currencies, the supply of a cryptocurrency is limited by algorithm.  This provides investors with theoretical protections against expansions in currency supply designed to stimulate economic growth.  The recent explosion in cryptocurrency volume and valuation presents special problems in volatility modeling and hedging.


Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

Matthew Gordon

Matthew Gordon
Professor of English
Director of Linguistics

How American Dialects are Changing: The View from Missouri
English is changing. While some of the changes are as obvious as the emoji in your texts, others fly under the radar of popular perception. We’ll discuss examples of regional and social usages with a focus on language changes happening in our own region. Join us to explore why your kids/parents talk like they do.


For ADA accommodations, contact Karla Carter at 573-882-7957 or


A “science café” is an informal gathering where scientists share their research or expertise with the community in a dynamic, interactive format. There is no powerpoint, but there is plenty of conversation, Q&A, and sometimes show-and-tell.

Science Café Columbia is held at 6 pm on the second Monday of the month during MU’s fall and spring semesters at Broadway Brewery, 816 E Broadway in Columbia, Missouri.  Past topics have ranged from Neanderthals to autism, epidemics, volcanoes, Alzheimer’s, and whether Pluto should be a planet.  This fall we are re-launching with talks on the science of brewing beer, the 2017 solar eclipse, earthquakes in Missouri, and how Missouri saved wine for the world.

All are welcome—and encouraged—to attend.