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Anand Chandrasekhar

Anand Chandrasekhar

Professor, Biological Sciences

Phone: 573-882-5166
340d Bond Life Sciences Center

Anand Chandrasekhar is a professor of biological sciences. Researching with mice and zebrafish, he studies mechanisms involved in the development of the nervous system. He is particularly interested in the development of cranial motor neurons, which are groups of cells controlling the movement of various muscles in the vertebrate head such as the eyes and the jaw. Using cell biology and genetic knockout methods, his lab is currently focused on deciphering the mechanisms regulating the migration of these neurons, and how they organize to establish functional neuronal circuits. These studies will provide insight into the underlying causes of neural tube defects such as spina bifida, and of human neuronal migration disorders, such as lissencephaly, also known as “smooth brain” disorder.

Lab site: Chandrasekhar Lab

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