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Christopher Bottoms

Programmer Analyst

Phone: (573) 884-8151
113 Bond Life Sci Center

Conserved solvent and side-chain interactions in the 1.35 Å structure of the Kelch domain of Keap1. Beamer LJ, Li X, Bottoms CA, Hannink M. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography; 61(10):1335-1342.

Featured in this article: Christopher Bottoms, Mark Hannink.

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High-throughput sequence analysis reveals structural diversity and improved potency among RNA inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase. Ditzler MA, Lange MJ, Bose D, Bottoms CA, Virkler KF, Sawyer AW, Whatley AS, Spollen W, Givan SA, Burke DH. Nucleic Acids Research; 41(3):1873-1884.

Featured in this article: Margaret Lange, Christopher Bottoms, Bill Spollen , Scott Givan, Donald Burke-Agüero.

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