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Laurie Erb

Laurie Erb

Research Professor, Biochemistry

Phone: 573-884-2065 or 573-884-2059 (lab)
540f Bond Life Sciences Center

Laurie Erb is an associate research professor of biochemistry. The Erb lab’s mission is to understand how tissue damage causes the body to mount an inflammatory response. The molecules within the body responsible for inflammatory response have not been conclusively identified, but evidence suggests that nucleotides and their cell surface receptors (known as P2 receptors) act as key players in the process. In injured tissue, several subtypes of P2 receptors have been reported to be involved in pro-inflammatory responses, but the receptor known as P2Y2R appears to be unique in its ability to be upregulated in vascular tissue under conditions of stress or injury. The Erb lab examines P2Y2R function to better understand how nucleotides influence inflammation and wound healing. This understanding could identify intervention points for selectively controlling inflammatory responses, leading to new treatments for inflammatory disorders such as atherosclerosis and ulcers.