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Maria Boftsi

Postdoctoral Fellow
444 Bond Life Sciences Center


The NS1 protein of the parvovirus MVM Aids in the localization of the viral genome to cellular sites of DNA damage. Majumder K, Boftsi M, Whittle FB, Wang J, Fuller MS, Joshi T, Pintel DJ. PLoS Pathogens; 16(10):e1009002.

Date published: October 16, 2020
Featured in this article: Maria Boftsi, Juexin Wang, Trupti Joshi.

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Parvovirus minute virus of mice interacts with sites of cellular DNA damage to establish and amplify its lytic infection. Majumder K, Wang J, Boftsi M, Fuller MS, Rede JE, Joshi T, Pintel DJ. eLife; 7:e37750.

Date published: July 20, 2018
Featured in this article: Juexin Wang, Maria Boftsi, Trupti Joshi.

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