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Thomas P. Quinn, Ph.D.

Director, Molecular Interactions Core | Professor of Biochemistry

Phone: 573-882-6099
117 Schweitzer Hall


Infectivity of SARS-CoV-2: there Is Something More than D614G?. Kannan SR, Spratt AN, Quinn TP, Heng X, Lorson CL, Sönnerborg A, Byrareddy SN, Singh K. Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology; 15(4):574-577.

Date published: December 1, 2020
Featured in this article: Thomas Quinn, Christian Lorson, Kamlendra Singh.

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GS-CA compounds: First-in-class HIV-1 capsid inhibitors covering multiple grounds. Singh K, Gallazzi F, Hill KJ, Burke DH, Lange MJ, Quinn TP, Neogi U, Sönnerborg A. Frontiers in Microbiology; 10(JUN):1227.

Date published: June 20, 2019
Featured in this article: Kamlendra Singh, Fabio Gallazzi, Donald Burke-Agüero, Margaret Lange, Thomas Quinn.

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Development of new PTK7-targeting aptamer-fluorescent and -radiolabelled probes for evaluation as molecular imaging agents: Lymphoma and melanoma in vivo proof of concept. Calzada V, Moreno M, Newton J, González J, Fernández M, Gambini JP, Ibarra M, Chabalgoity A, Deutscher S, Quinn T, Cabral P, Cerecetto H. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry; 25(3):1163-1171.

Date published: February 1, 2017
Featured in this article: Victoria Calzada, Thomas Quinn.

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Microwave-assisted synthesis of HYNIC protected analogue for 99mTc labeled antibody. García MF, Calzada V, Camacho X, Goicochea E, Gambini JP, Quinn TP, Porcal W, Cabral P. Current Radiopharmaceuticals; 7(2):84-90.

Date published: October 1, 2014
Featured in this article: Victoria Calzada, Thomas Quinn.

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A potencial theranostic agent for EGF-R expression tumors: 177Lu- DOTA-nimotuzumab. Calzada V, Zhang X, Fernández M, Díaz-Miqueli A, Iznaga-Escobar N, Deutscher SL, Balter H, Quinn TP, Cabral P. Current Radiopharmaceuticals; 5(4):318-324.

Date published: September 18, 2012
Featured in this article: Victoria Calzada, Thomas Quinn.

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Copper transport into the secretory pathway is regulated by oxygen in macrophages. White C, Kambe T, Fulcher YG, Sachdev SW, Bush AI, Fritsche K, Lee J, Quinn TP, Petris MJ. Journal of Cell Science; 122(9):1315-1321.

Date published: May 1, 2009
Featured in this article: Thomas Quinn, Michael Petris.

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