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Hot Topic Research Networking

Bond LSC proudly works to connect scientists across the University of Missouri campus. In that effort, “Hot Topic” networking meetings aim to provide a venue for researchers to gather and discuss what their work has in common. Read about one of these meetings in a story on our Decoding Science blog.

Three themes aim to spur collaborative projects. Lunch will be provided for participants who contact us. To get involved, receive a schedule of talks and email updates, and hear information on related funding opportunities, email Karla Carter at

2018 Themes

Metabolomics’ Group: The Metabolism Discussion Group shares a common interest in the study of metabolism, metabolites, and metabolomics and the integration of such into multi-disciplinary research.

The group welcomes diverse participants from all life sciences and all species. Existing members come from Ag Biochem, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Research Reactor, and MU Metabolomics Center. Monthly lunch meetings are led by Lloyd Sumner, director of the MU Metabolomics Center, professor of biochemistry and Bond LSC investigator.


Host/Pathogen/Parasite/Symbiont’ Group: The Host/Pathogen meetings are monthly gatherings of faculty scientists, students, and postdoctoral fellows who share an interest in interactions between microbes and hosts. Scientists studying human infectious diseases, animal diseases, plant diseases, and beneficial microbial-host interactions participate, and Members currently come from Plant Sciences, MMI, Computer Sciences, Biochemistry, Anthropology, Vet Path, Biology, Animal Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Geological Sciences. The meetings promote a free exchange of ideas and have led to new interdisciplinary interactions among faculty.  As an example, a reproductive physiologist from the Bond Life Sciences Center has partnered with a virologist/mosquito molecular biologist from the College of Veterinary Medicine to initiate a study of Zika virus replication in placental tissue. Birth defects from Zika virus infections of pregnant women is a significant worldwide public health problem and this collaboration, originating out of the Host/Pathogen monthly meeting, has already led to important new information and new research directions and collaborations at MU.

Meetings are led by George Stewart, McKee professor of microbial pathogenesis, chairman of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology and Bond LSC investigator.


Cancer Biology Group: This group will meet bi-weekly to present new research findings in a format that encourages the open exchange of ideas, questions and suggestions.  Our mission for this endeavor includes: building collaboration among basic- and clinical scientists, promoting translational research (incorporating cell-, animal- and human cancer models), advancing our institutional AAU metrics and our institutional interest in NCI aspirational endeavors and, foremost, to advance cancer research at MU.

Meetings are led by Mark Hannink, director of the Life Sciences Fellowship Program and professor of biochemistry, and Dr. Mick Petris, Professor of Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences. Both are Bond LSC investigators.