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Shuai Zeng

Shuai Zeng

Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
113 Bond Life Sciences Center

News about Shuai Zeng


De novo transcriptome assembly from the nodal root growth zone of hydrated and water-deficit stressed maize inbred line FR697. Sen S, King S, McCubbin T, Greeley L A, Mertz R A, Becker C, Niehues N, Zeng S, Stemmle J T, Peck S, Oliver M, Fritschi F B, Braun D M, Sharp R E, Joshi T. Scientific Reports; Volume 13, Issue 1.

Date published: February 4, 2023
Featured in this article: Sidharth Sen, Shuai Zeng, Scott Peck, Trupti Joshi.

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A novel Synthetic phenotype association study approach reveals the landscape of association for genomic variants and phenotypes. Skrabisova M, Dietz N, Zeng S, Chan Y O, Wang J, Liu Y, Biova J, Joshi T, Bilyeu K D. Journal of Advanced Research; Volume 42, Pages 117 - 133.

Date published: December 1, 2022
Featured in this article: Shuai Zeng, Yen On Chan, Trupti Joshi.

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