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Yen On Chan

Yen On Chan

Ph.D. Candidate, Informatics
113 Bond Life Sciences Center

MGWAS uncovers Gln-glucosinolate seed-specific interaction and its role in metabolic homeostasis. Slaten ML, Yobi A, Bagaza C, Chan YO, Shrestha V, Holden S, Katz E, Kanstrup C, Lipka AE, Kliebenstein DJ, Nour-Eldin HH, Angelovici R. Plant Physiology; 183(2):483-500.

Featured in this article: Marianne Slaten, Abou Yobi, Clement Bagaza, Yen On Chan, Ruthie Angelovici.

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HAPPI GWAS: Holistic analysis with pre- And post-integration GWAS. Slaten ML, Chan YO, Shrestha V, Lipka AE, Angelovici R. Bioinformatics; 36(17):4655-4657.

Featured in this article: Yen On Chan, Marianne Slaten, Ruthie Angelovici.