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Trupti Joshi

Trupti Joshi

Director of Translational Bioinformatics, School of Medicine – Medical Research Office Assistant Research Professor, Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology Core Faculty MU Informatics Institute and Department of Computer Science

Phone: 573-884-3528
271B Bond Life Sciences Center

Trupti Joshi is the Director of Translational Bioinformatics at the School of Medicine Medical Research Office and Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has appointments as Core Faculty with MU Informatics Institute (MUII), Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) and Department of Computer Science. Her expertise is in the areas of bioinformatics and its application to plants sciences, animal sciences, biomedical sciences and health informatics fields. Her labs conducts research in many areas of computational biology and bioinformatics, including genomics and translational bioinformatics research in several biological systems, techniques involving high-throughput data analysis, multi-omics data integration, graphical visualization, in silico hypothesis generation and its application to systems biology studies. She is the lead designer and developer of Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a comprehensive multi-omics web resource for bridging translational genomics and molecular breeding. Her current research also focuses on building biomedical knowledge base for genomics and mutli-omics data integration in clinical and biomedical domains, development of computational methodologies and data analysis pipelines using HPC resources and application of translational bioinformatics techniques towards advances in precision medicine and personalized medicine.

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