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Dong Xu

Dong Xu


Phone: 573-882-2299
271c Bond Life Sciences Center

As computer researcher with a strong background in molecular biology, Xu practices “bioinformatics.” He uses high-capacity computers to help other researchers analyze huge amounts of data, such as DNA sequences in human and plants. Xu’s lab has developed software programs that assist biological modeling; for example, one of their programs enables scientists to predict how proteins on the cellular level will change, or “fold,” when subjected to certain conditions.


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Elongation Factor 1 alpha1 and Genes Associated with Usher Syndromes Are Downstream Targets of GBX2. Roeseler DA, Sachdev S, Buckley DM, Joshi T, Wu DK, Xu D, Hannink M, Waters ST. PLoS ONE; 7(11):e47366.

Date published: November 8, 2012
Featured in this article: Shrikesh C. "Rick" Sachdev, Trupti Joshi, Dong Xu, Mark Hannink.

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