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Scott Peck

Scott Peck

Professor, Biochemistry

Phone: 573-882-8102 or 573-882-7431 (lab)
271H Bond Life Sciences Center

Scott Peck is a professor of biochemistry and part of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG). The Peck lab studies how plants perceive and respond to changes in their environment. When plants recognize that they are infected with bacteria, they initiate defense responses to stop the bacterial invasion. Lab researchers are also studying how plants respond to decreased water availability such as would occur during a drought. Understanding how plants control these different responses may lead to crops with enhanced resistance or tolerance to environmental stresses, thereby decreasing losses in food production. More recently, the Peck lab has also become interested in learning how bacteria recognize the presence of a potential host. Chemical signals from plants appear to cause bacteria to become more infectious, which may have important implications for both crop resistance and food security.

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