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Clayton Rushford

Clayton Rushford

Research Specialist
414 Bond Life Sciences Center

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Identification and quantification of bioactive compounds suppressing SARS-CoV-2 signals in wastewater-based epidemiology surveillance. bayati M, Hsieh H, Hsu S, Li C, Rogers E, belenchia A, Zemmer S, Blanc T, LePage C, Klutts J, Reynolds M, Semkiw E, Johnson H, Foley T, Wieberg C, Wenzel J, Lyddon T, LePique M, Rushford C, Salcedo B, Young K, Graham M, Suarez R, Ford A, Lei Z, Sumner L, Mooney B, Wei X, Greenlief M, Johnson M, Lin C. Water Research; Volume 221.

Date published: August 1, 2022
Featured in this article: Terri Lyddon, Clayton Rushford, Reinier Suarez, Zhentian Lei, Lloyd Sumner, Brian Mooney, , , Marc Johnson.

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